Welcome to Ohio Cyber Academy! Are you a student in need of college preparatory courses, enrichment, credit reclamation, home schooled, special needs/at risk or assigned to an alternative school?  

 Ohio Cyber is your choice for K-12 Education

The Ohio Cyber Academy’s curriculum received the Top Homeschooling Curriculum Award for 2013 by Homeschool.com. 

The Ohio Cyber Academy provides

  • Web-based K-12 Curriculum fully aligned to the Ohio Academic Content Standards, which are deeply rooted in the National Academic Content Standards
  • 24/7 access to courses
  • Adaptable to student needs
  • A user-friendly Learning Management System that can be navigated by students of all ages and abilities
  • A Free Tuition Option
  • A computer, for those who qualify, to access your courses as long as you participate in Ohio Cyber

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